at the Liedtke Museum
Port d'Andratx

  • Seminario
    Apartment with sea view
  • Pollock
    Deluxe studio with double bed
  • Rembrandt
    Studio apartment
  • Kandinsky
    Double room with sea view
  • Da Vinci
    Studio with sea view
  • Picasso
    Double room with sea view
  • Boticelli
    Ground floor apartment
  • Van Gogh
    Budget double room
  • Liedtke
    Deluxe Suite with sea view
  • Dali
    Deluxe Apartment

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Free apartments

Seminars with free apartments all year round - Flat-rate seminar booked apartments at the Liedtke Museum

The exhibition i = E = MC2 with the formula through which everyone becomes Leonardo da Vinci.

Free apartments with seminar booking
Accommodation in the apartment is free of charge for Museum visitors, students, art lovers and Gallery visitors who book an art seminar and are interested in the new theories and works of artist Dieter Liedtke.
Short seminars are daily and cost per day depending on the size and price of the apartment specified on the website, including accommodation. There is no extra charge for the apartment. Seminars can be designed by the participants themselves or taught by a teacher. Long-term seminars are only possible if places are available and their duration is limited to 4 weeks.

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Liedtke Museum Seminars with sponsored overnight stays

The apartment is registered by the non-profit art foundation "Fundacion Liedtke" in the Balearic Islands and sponsored by Codigo Universo Invest Holding SA Puerto de Andratx Cif A 57720971 as a seminar organizer for the seminar participant so that art and creativity can become a part of the lives of all visitors without hurdles.

Free apartments with seminar booking

The apartment overnight stay is free of charge for museum visitors, students, art lovers and Liedtke gallery visitors who book an art seminar and are interested in the new theories of the artist Dieter Liedtke's works. The short seminars are daily and cost per day depending upon size and apartment the price specified on the web page inclusive overnight accomodation. The apartment will not be charged extra.

The seminar can be designed by the participants themselves in the museum on a daily basis or conducted with a teacher.

Free apartment with seminar booking

The Web-Flatrate seminars lead with the art formula through the art exhibition:

In our seminar apartment special offer the seminar has to be paid per day and the apartment is available free of charge for the seminar participants for the booked apartment time with 1 to 4 beds. It is not possible to book only the apartment as it can only be booked together with the art formula seminar. The prices for the day seminars can be taken from the prices per apartment because this price of the apartment corresponds to the seminar price and the apartment is free of charge. The booked art seminar also includes an art formula-SEMINAR "What is Art" which is held by a teacher in the museum. Please register at the seminar reception in the museum or in the museum shop. Bookings of rooms for overnight stays without a seminar are excluded. If you book a room without attending the seminar, the room booking will be cancelled.

I agree that:

my personal data will be collected in compliance with the DSGVO for the purpose of sending newsletters, advertising ethical seminars, art events, works of art and ethical capital investments and hereby give my consent to receive special ethical offers via electronic media. The consent can be revoked at any time by simply clicking on the revocation button. Until I revoke my declaration of consent, I also agree that you may use cookies to help me find a better offer. Even if I reject the declaration of consent or revoke my declaration of consent at any time to receive advertising on ethical offers, I am still entitled to receive and retain the gift share without restriction. With my signature, our seminar group and each of the participants confirm that we have read and accepted Codigo Universo Invest Holding SA "General Terms and Conditions 1 to 14" and its corporate objectives, as well as the information on free apartment accommodation and the booking per seminar participant for seminar bookings on the website with the booking.

Further advantages for seminar bookers: Free Peace Shares of the Globalpeace Campus INC

In order to make it easier for visitors to gain initial access to the seminar and to create a level of mediation between visitors and Dieter Liedtke's scientific and philosophical works in the exhibition, the museum is taking a completely new approach, combining visitors with new forms of meditation and seminars in a way that is unique in the world of art history with Dieter Liedtke's ideas through a "risk-free and free registered share" at the Globalpeace Campus INC No. P15000005667 Florida USA a company building a new peace center in Spain/Andalusia in which the shareholder enjoys numerous booking advantages.

Order of Globalpeace free shares

Hereby and with the booking of the seminar I have ordered a free registered share of the Globalpeace Campus INC Register No. P15000005667 in Florida USA with seat 07157 Puerto de Andratx Calle Olivera 35.

Information of the corporation

I have read and accepted the information and explanations on free shares and Terms and Conditions 1-14 of the Globalpeace Campus INC on the website


Yes, I would like to be named on the website www.globalpeace.Info as a shareholder of the company Globalpeace Campus.

Data and e-mail address

The information must be completed as the registered shares cannot be entered in the Company's share register in the name of the holder with e-mail, telephone number and country and without this information and the entitlement to free shares expires without replacement. If the shares are sold or if the e-mail address and the telephone number are changed

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