Existence in Puerto de Andratx

Please do not make any reservations in the shops as they are closed until a tenant/leaseholder is found. It is possible to visit the fantastic and best viewing terraces of the location without an appointment.

Existence in Puerto de Andratx

Due to the construction of a headquarters and expansion in Valencia/

Letting of the restaurants in Mallorca

Tenants/leaseholders wanted for:

Café-Restaurant / Seminar facilities / Escape Room / Avantgarde Gallery

1st Event-Cafe Restaurant. 1800 Euro rent per month including 1 room apartment. Distance payment: 20.000 Euro / equity approx.: 50 000 with online reservation website for cultevents and restaurant website / www.Cafeaimeim.eu and extra 50 terrace places / + 50 winterproof heated terrace places / + 60 sqm kitchen and bar.

2nd Escaperoom + ½ Shop 1950 Euro per month including apartment - with private area. Distance payment 20.000 Euro. With online reservation: website www.game.liedtke-museum.com /

3rd Avantgarde Gallery in the Liedtke Museum. Rent 1350 Euro per month, compensation 10.000 Euro. With gallery owners training. / www.liedtke-museo.com approx.200 sqm

4. seminars in the gallery including online booking system and ½ shop + website for cell rejuvenation, health and art With overnight accommodation for seminar participants www.aimeim.info / www.art-museum-liedtke.com www.aimeim.info
Rent 500 euros per month / + training and training books in ES, EN, DE / distance payment 10.000 euros.
Staff apartments: rent 400 Euro per month

5. at the Liedtke Museum
Artist terrace house 350 qm
for rent directly at the sea.
4French windows, air conditioning, 4 bedrooms with bathroom,1 extra bathroom, media room with bathroom, fireplace corner.
2,80mtr. high open light window front,
best view on bay and sea,
Central heating, well-tempered building.
Worldwide unique work of art: artist's design as a brain sculpture from the bird's eye view by Dieter Liedtke
Newly renovated. Rent 3000 Euro per month /6 month rent deposit

Directly from the owner:
Tel: +34 626563791. / +34 971 673635
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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